1. Suffer

From the recording Broken and Glued

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Broken and Glued


<font size="4">Held you long enough to realize <br />
The time we had is over now <br />
I guess it&rsquo;s harder to believe <br />
And keep it all together <br />
Why would I pretend to be in love <br />
I guess it doesn&rsquo;t matter now <br />
Cause everything is said and done <br />
I didn&rsquo;t think our world would shatter <br />
<br />
How can this be <br />
So blame it on me <br />
Everything falls on me <br />
** <br />
But I can&rsquo;t let it end <br />
There&rsquo;s something wrong with my head <br />
If I could id do it again <br />
Why do I do I suffer for you <br />
<br />
Laid it all on me like I&rsquo;m the one <br />
Who took it all for granite <br />
I Begin to feel that I&rsquo;m reason <br />
That our worlds in tatters <br />